About Another-1

Another-1 is the ultimate web3 luxury fashion platform built on Polygon, where users can build, collect, stake, and trade metaverse-ready digital fashion backed by NFC authenticated physical goods. By repurposing fashion products via NFTs, Another-1 serves as a one-stop shop for a new transcending asset class that merges realities to create a dynamic ecosystem of hypebeasts, designers, brands, and resellers secured on-chain.


Key Pillars

A closed-loop ecosystem that drives value for all stakeholders

Brands & Retailers

Another-1 offers a cost-effective entry into Web3, with a comprehensive phygital solution and access to a talent pool and industry connections

Designer Talents

Another-1 provides career kick-start opportunities, offering exposure and collaboration prospects with established brands, industry figures, and financial incentives for growth

Fashion Lovers

Another-1 grants exclusive access to curated phygital fashion collections, featuring a unique Flex-and-earn rewards system, fostering a vibrant community of like-minded individuals

Web3 Communities

Another-1 enhances Web3 communities with additional utilities and real-life experiences, seamlessly integrating phygital elements for innovative interactions

Why buy $AN1 Token?

The $AN1 Token serves as the native cryptocurrency within the Another-1 ecosystem, operating on the Polygon blockchain. It plays a vital role in facilitating various transactions and interactions within the ecosystem, including NFT purchases, trading fees, rewards, and loyalty programs.




Payment methods


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Tokenomics & Allocation

Get insights into how the token is allocated and utilized within the project's ecosystem

Finblox Launchpad

What you need to know about the $AN1 Token Presale on FinLaunch

FBX Loyalty Level Early Access

$0.050 IDO Token Price

Purchase with BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, or DAI

24-hour risk-free protection

Minimum purchase $15

Polygon network

25% unlock TGE, then 25% monthly

DEX & CEX Listings Q1 2024

Exclusive VIP Early Access for $FBX Token Holders


Meet the Team

Another-1 is founded on the principles of valuing diversity, creativity, and innovation.


Investors and Partners

Explore the collaborative efforts and synergies between the project and its partners


Capitalize on your passion for fashion