Ethlas revolutionizes the gaming landscape by spearheading Web3 advancements. Immerse yourself in captivating user experiences, fueled by $ELS and backed by industry frontrunners.

ā™»ļø 24 hours after TGE Risk-Free Refundable purchases. Learn more


Team and Investors


$ELS Token

Token Name: Ethlas ($ELS)

Chain: Ethereum

Exchange Listing:, MEXC, Finblox

Initial Token Supply: 3,750,000 ELS

Initial Market Cap (inc. liquidity): 900,000 USD

Total Token Supply: 350,000,000 ELS

Public Sale Token Price: 1 ELS = 0.30 USD

Total raise: 100,000 USD

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Exclusive Holders Benefits

šŸŖž Staking to unlock different memberships tiers

šŸ¤ŗ Unlock in-game features

šŸ§§ Heavily discounted in-game purchases

šŸŽ« Early access to new gaming titles

ā˜ļø Subscriptions to Ethlas Web3 infrastructure (EWS)

šŸŖ™ $ELS as EWS payment currency

šŸ‘Øā€āš–ļø Participate in decentralized voting systems


Launchpad Timeline

Purchase Period

June 25th, 09:00:00 UTC until June 27th, 12:00:00 UTC

You can purchase $ELS tokens from the Finblox Launchpad using their available USDT, USDC, BUSD or DAI. No fees!

Token Distribution

Your $ELS tokens will be distributed to your Finblox wallets based on the vesting schedule:

20% of the total purchased amount at the Token Generation Event (TGE) date, then 20% every 3 months.

TGE: June 28th, 06:00:00 UTC

Refund Policy

Finblox implements a risk-free model, allowing users to either claim or request a refund within 24 hours of the listing date.

About Project

Ethlas envisions itself as the Epic Games or Valve of Web3, striving to become an esteemed company that leaves a lasting impact. Similar to these industry giants, Ethlas aims to build not only exceptional game titles but also a robust gaming infrastructure that benefits other game companies. By focusing on both content creation and providing a solid foundation for the gaming industry, Ethlas aims to establish itself as a visionary leader, driving innovation and shaping the future of Web3 gaming.

Ethlas Web3 Services (EWS)

Ethlas takes cues from the successes of Epic Games and Valve, celebrated for their exceptional games and transformative gaming infrastructure. Inspired by these industry leaders, Ethlas not only develops captivating games but also introduces Ethlas Web3 Services (EWS). EWS comprises scalable platform modules that empower third-party developers to harness Ethlas' cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing the gaming landscape in the Web3 era.

Games Portfolio


Komo Valley

\Virtual Pet Simulator


My Pizza Story

Idle Resource Management


PokPok Protocol

Gamified Onchain Options


Ethlas Ecosystem

The Metaverse


Battle Showdown

Web3 IP Interoperability


Hyper-casual games



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