WW2 never ended, it only evolved, new genius weapons and defenses were invented, now it is up to you and your friends to take out the enemies using the millions of destructive and creative tank builds and team combinations available. Join the battle now and become the next War Legend.


Backers and Allies


Token: $WAR Token

Token Name: War Legends (‘$WAR’)

Chain: Polygon

Listing Format: Quickswap

Initial Token Supply: 6,340,250 $WAR

Initial Market Cap (inc. liquidity): $234,589

Total Token Supply: 350,000,000 $WAR

Public Sale Token Price: 1 WAR = 0.037 USD

Total raise: $0,000

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Exclusive Holders Benefits:

🪪 Purchase the Seasonal Battle Passes

🎮 Used for the in-game Auction House purchases

👨‍⚖️ Used for transaction fees on the in-game Auction House. (2.5% fee, 2.5% burned)

🎁 Purchase War Legends Loot Boxes, which contain NFTs and Upgrade Kits

📄 $WAR Contract

🎫 Used for tournament entrance fees

🔥 5% of $WAR Transactions in-game are burned.(Except the auction house)

✨ $WAR is rewarded from tournaments

Games Economy


The War Legends token is $WAR, it is earned by playing and used in-game for various purchases such as loot boxes.


Upgrade Kits are earned through completing missions and used for upgrading the tier of your Heroes, Tanks and Abilities.


Heroes, Tanks and Abilities can be earned by playing and traded through the marketplace. All collectibles are tradeable.


Dust is aquired by burning collectibles and used to upgrade the rarity of your Heroes, Tanks and Abilities when they are tier 4.